Welcome to Our House!

Hello!  Welcome to House Of Ideas—a production company, recording studio, and conduit for the expression of creative energies via music, the visual arts and the written word.

My name is John Eggers.  I am a producer, writer, musician and engineer.  This is my production site.  It is primarily devoted to work that I have produced for other artists.  I have many of my own songs on my ReverbNation site.  It is, admittedly, a rather eclectic mix.

The Work page could be thought of as an informal resume.

The Studio page has information about House Of Ideas' studio facilities and some background information as well.

The Music page has a variety of music that has been produced and recorded here and also a few videos .

The Services page lists the services that House Of Ideas can provide.

The Stories page has a memoir, a short story or two, and few quotes that seem to help guide the work.

Thanks for stopping by.  Onward and upward!


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